Working for Our Family of Brands

Our companies have more than 150 years of experience taking sugarcane from the farms to your table.  Our expertise extends to every step of the process from farming, mill and refining to packaging, selling and distributing to our consumers.  We’re proud our brands are leaders in their respective markets. 

Our employees have taken pride in "Making Life a Little Sweeter" by providing our customers and consumers with quality service and sugar products. Our commitment to that principle drives us in all that we do and encourages us to uphold our company's high ethical standards of business conduct to ensure our continued success.

The talent and commitment of every employee will enable us to be the leading producer, marketer and distributor of high quality sweetener products in any market we serve. We will strive to "delight our customer" every day though our service reliability and innovation and build on our heritage of being a company that values long-standing relationships, conducting its business ethically and with integrity.

Values are the heart and soul of our success. It's not just about getting the job done - it's about creating an environment of mutual respect. One where our employees will thrive.

Our guidelines are designed to provide effective safeguards that will continue to allow employees to work in the most efficient manner possible. Not only do we strive to provide a safe working environment, we also promote innovation from within. Our employees are our front line to coming up with solutions that will not only help them work better, but also serve as the benchmark for our other locations.

We create an environment that facilitates meeting international and local food standards, guaranteeing our customers receive the best possible product. Our employees adhere to some of the highest standards in the industry for farming, milling, production, processing, preparing and handling of food. Our facilities are routinely upgraded with the newest technologies, ensuring that our processes and protocols are standardized across our organization.

Recognizing that our people are our competitive advantage, we are committed to providing employees with opportunities to develop their leadership skills and master their functional skills through various activities throughout the organization.

In turn, our people have shown their commitment to us.  Many of our colleagues have made it their career to spearhead our group into the future and become mentors to our next generation of leaders, striving to preserve and instill the values and special culture within each new colleague who joins our family of brands.

Learn more about what makes us who we are and how those attributes can offer you opportunities and experiences to contribute and grow – both personally and professionally.